On Taking Risks

Why do we try when we know we have to lose before we win?
Why do we risk when we know that in the end is the possibility of failing?
Why do we leap from our comfort zones when it was named like that because it felt safer?
Why do we aim beyond what is “enough” and pursue to dig deeper?

Week ago, I had attended a seminar about Personality Development. It was an effective guide about self-evaluation as we point out our strengths and weaknesses once in a while. It made me think outside the box and go beyond what is essential. Youth is the best time to go after what we want in life and who we want to become as our future self. There’s no other perfect time to shoot for our dreams than today.  And because I, myself, is still a dreamer in progress, I have here guidelines  through research of 10 perceptions about  how should we handle risks by Sir Josh Altman ,  the author of   It’s Your Move –– a book  offering aspiring entrepreneurs and established professionals tips and insights to help them outsmart the competition.

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