Beautiful Emptiness

she got her drafts crumpled twice
pen running out of ink thrice
the words are hard to find
with the one behind her mind

the document remained blank
until in her musing sank
the language at the tip of her tongue
were the feelings she used to hang

she hid the sheets again
and took away the pen
for those unwritten and unseen
she decided to keep within


Pen and Paper

She sat across the scenery of the golden sunset.

Her hair in blonde reflecting the tangerine light of the day with its farewell. With her was her drafts of poetry, telling about fairies and dragons and castles with no kings and queens. With her was her pens in half empty and half full, carefully kept as her weapon in a battle that knows no words to be spoken. With her was her blank sheets of papers that are willing to cuddle the ink she’ll spill, the stains of her feelings,  ready to catch even the drops of her tears and who’ll never get mad when crumpled or thrown. With her was her heart that is so generous to be placed on every piece that she’ll write, in every line that speaks about a life once lived, verses about people and her journey of places with her footprints.

Till the dark hours came and she still sat there.

She sat across the panorama of  silver shimmering stars.

You see?  She’ll never  sit there  alone as she was.

Entry for: Paper

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