Head Over Heart

it took her sometime
to think through this sublime
when the choice didn’t rhyme
between what’s in the heart and in the mind

the one cried for the truth
while the other craved and sought
the happiness that it brought
to search what was lost in thought

when the no was half a yes
and the stop was a go unless
the verdict was frantically raised
by the heart that played a mess

when the high descended to low
taming the kindled fire below
to cringe away, put out and blow
by the mind that warned to take it slow

it stayed to be unsaid
but the musing turned into a creed
“when the mind disagreed;
the heart is hard to be freed”

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Happy Heart ♥

We’ve been wishing happiness to be felt by the all the people we love. It is a sensation that travels visibly from home to our workplace or in school; elsewhere, it resides in every heart that felt  pure joy and contentment. Happiness is as high as a peak of a mountain and as shallow as a river that never runs dry. It is an emotion so extensive, deep and vast, yet we may find it in one hello and one smile.  🙂 Continue reading