unknown world


x Vivian Kim

this wound that caused
by promises and nuances
a paradox between
holding on and letting go
healed and scarred
by time like fallen debris
like your words at midnight
whispering  “i will be back for you”

that jargon that swept me away
as I welcomed it into my heart
and clutched it on my hands
a pretty lie that I believed into
because ’twas from you
because you told me so

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She can’t take away the prick
of the inevitable that leaves the spirit weak
She can’t sum up all the drops
of tears from the heaven when it rains
She can’t weigh on a scale
how heavy to load the intangible
Yet she can write and write and write and..
make things right.


Hide and Seek


#Serenity   @whenthee

There will come a time, a sudden moment in this lifetime, where the twist of fate is unpredictable. When uncertainty is at your door, when failure is at the corner, when being left behind– hanging and unattended leads you to the edge of breaking down, of deep meditation, of doubts,  that gives you bruises and torn you apart, where the only thing to do is to pick yourself up, alone.. Then questions will begin to play hide and seek. Questions like, where are the promises of sticking around and not giving up? Where shall I find inner peace and self worth? Where did the happy times go? Will I ever find the courage again?

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Lost and Never Found

She thought to be the wobbly thread on the clothe of your jacket you hid from your closet long years ago that you ought to remember to cut but immediately forgets. She felt like a hook, a clip  or a clasp that you just wanted to find when you ought to need something to be fixed, to hold on to and then leave somewhere else when you are done with it. She sensed that for you she’s one of the heaps of  papers on your cabinet that you barely recall the significance of its content. She was the thickest book standing in your shelf that you lazily turn its pages and then abandon it in one corner.

Remember how it felt to never locate a thing when you need it the most at the moment? When it seems so  invisible?

Just because something was there all along doesn’t mean that it will be there for so long.


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Hi Reality

the sun was up but her room was in its darkest
when the most awkward smile faded off on its palest
and no matter how she closed her eyes
Reality kept on knocking
oh could you lay down your cards this time?
than play knives with your sugarcoated sayings?

give me  my blanket, my pillows and the truth
are you the flame burning and am I the moth?
I’m not here to beat around the bush
I’m not here to give meanings to your every hush

So I dared, took courage, to let Reality enter
and then I, on that room was at first, bewildered
gazing on how Reality brightened  every corner
atlast! I was awaken from that awful nightmare


For her…


Photo credit: @karl14

For her, he is the ring on her phone that makes her get up despite of her lazy times.

For her, he is a caution that reminds her to slow down whenever she runs out of calmness with her storms deep inside.

Forher, he was the mirror that creates her best self despite of her ugly days.

For her, he is the breaker of silence when she was choked up with regrets and insecurities.

For her, he is the long spade on the clock that ticks for the every second that counts.

For her, he is her safe haven — a escape, an open diary of her what and whereabouts

For her, he is her morning rays and her late night hiatus

For her, he is her music that serenades and always comforts

But she is a maze and a jigsaw puzzle.

She is a haze,and  at times a riddle.

Still for him, she is his all time favorite song.

and he doesn’t mind reading her notions all along. ❤