She could hear the loudest sound of the breaking of the needle through a fabric of denim cloth, trying to patch up and stitch the split of the textile that shows a part of her skin with scars of fears and longing. She could feel the pinch of pain, undulated by its sharpness and the drop of blood from her fingertips that mixed into the tears dried up through the years of trying hard to make things right again.

She could see the broken strands of the thread like her broken dreams lying asleep into the corner, waiting to be found and awaken.

After a long while, she then picked up all of the stitching tools, wiped away the red liquid, set aside the  busted needle.

Well then, for sure, there will come a time she will patch things up again.

She just need to put her feet up. She just need to hear the loudest sound through the silence of oblivion.


For her…


Photo credit: @karl14

For her, he is the ring on her phone that makes her get up despite of her lazy times.

For her, he is a caution that reminds her to slow down whenever she runs out of calmness with her storms deep inside.

Forher, he was the mirror that creates her best self despite of her ugly days.

For her, he is the breaker of silence when she was choked up with regrets and insecurities.

For her, he is the long spade on the clock that ticks for the every second that counts.

For her, he is her safe haven — a escape, an open diary of her what and whereabouts

For her, he is her morning rays and her late night hiatus

For her, he is her music that serenades and always comforts

But she is a maze and a jigsaw puzzle.

She is a haze,and  at times a riddle.

Still for him, she is his all time favorite song.

and he doesn’t mind reading her notions all along. ❤


Beautiful Emptiness

she got her drafts crumpled twice
pen running out of ink thrice
the words are hard to find
with the one behind her mind

the document remained blank
until in her musing sank
the language at the tip of her tongue
were the feelings she used to hang

she hid the sheets again
and took away the pen
for those unwritten and unseen
she decided to keep within


Ambience in Silhouette

The ocean has a magic spell so deep to comprehend yet the sea — as its little part,  shares to us its beauty and delight.The smooth setting of the beach will always be my ideal ambienceCrashing sound of the waves that touches the shore like infinity. Horizon in silver lining that tells us about new hope and new beginnings. Soaked into the vast salt water like a crib covered in blue that whispers gratitude, washing away the bitterness and sorrow. The sky in different hues is my favorite eye candy. Yet when the sun began to set, the sea has its own sparks, reflecting the firmament.


Resounding Thoughts

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

~Robert Frost

I couldn’t contain my emotions in reading a message from a wonderful mother ( I believe) to her son in her garden of wordpress .   They said, everyone is  a child but not every person has given the privilege to be a parent.

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She was having her leisure walk five in the afternoon, on her way home. One tap on her shoulder brought her back to her senses and then she saw that smile, that curve that draws  perfectly into someone’s face whose familiar to her.  Though confused and surprised, she let him walked with her and they talked like they were acquaintance meeting again after so many years; like they’ve known each other for so long.

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