La la Land

Anyone who will hear the movie title “La la land” has the hint to expect a musical film, isn’t it?  So I had my way to explore what’s with this movie that made it a recipient of the record breaking 7 Golden Globes awards.

This 2016 American romantic musical comedy-drama film written and directed by Damien Chazelle, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone with 196 more casts charmed its way through the city of Los Angeles, catering a creative vision for the foolish dreamers who dreamed, for those who are searching someone in the crowd, who will never stop chasing all the lights that shine like every place in the world would turn into city of stars. (Yes, i am now prattling about their soundtracks.) 😉

Searching in every nook and cranny through the net, I found past reviews that said it’s a wonderful and loving ode to the dreamers and artists of the world while others blabbed about how overrated it was. And since I am positive for the former insight, I have to do this review and toe tap all the good things about La La Land. 🙂


The Intro:

In the introductory of the movie where set of youngsters, stuck on a traffic jam and splashed into the road from their cars, sang the opening number – Another Day of Sun. It was an impression of hopeful sentiments in reaching for the heights of their ambitions, maneuvered by a jolly choreography. I thought I had a sneak peek of  The Glee.


Mia and Sebastian:

An on-studio coffee filler and aspiring actress Mia  met the jazz pianist Sebastian after overhearing him played  a  mellow song on a restaurant (that caused him to be fired there then) although it was nothing but a cold meaningless brush on the shoulder when Mia tried to give him a compliment. It took few encounters before they exchange words and throw glances.

Mia’s struggle taking every “no” as an auditionee and Seb’s endeavor to preserve jazz in the music industry while earning from it too, rose as a challenge for the two dreamers — until the issue mixed up between the career, passion and relationship. Will they waltz into their dreams together?


La La Land:

The musical film flows thematically from the first love, heartbreak then digging emotions in between.  It didn’t need to come into details, yet the transition of every scene was beautifully presented and was visually stunning.

The bittersweet scheme was so effective that would left the viewers crave into something more but it was Chazelle’s trick, I think, that made it sublime and majestic as a whole. You will be caught off guard by its  almost classical style but the Youtube thing and the gadgets once in awhile reminded that it was a movie in our present era.

One thing is, Gosling and Stone nailed the acting, singing and dancing highlights of La La Land. They would spill every line that will traverse to where it really hurts. Their gracefulness will sway you into a fanciful state. That’s why I loved the scene when the two ended their evening (after the screening of Rebel Without a Cause ) with a romantic dance at the Griffith Observatory (“Planetarium”).   


Happy Ending:

It was a happy ending. I know others may argue about how I described it. It was a kind of nostalgic and saudade part but from the bright side, they achieved what they longed and wished to become (individually) from the very start.

The final song  (“Epilogue”) on Seb’s bar that led to the dreamy sequence was all but showed a realistic feeling of lovers from the past who shared a deep and genuine friendship. The last knowing look and and the sweet smile between them that very moment  will pinch a little in your heart but you’ll see contentment and acceptance thereafter. It’s all that matters!


The absence of something may complete the latter so we have to move forward. We may meet people who will lift us up and vice versa so we should never stop encouraging and appreciating others.

It sends you from the cinema with tears in your eyes, a song in your heart, and a clear six inches of thin air between the soles of your shoes  and the pavement.  ~ Robbie Collin

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