On Chances and Changes

There are a lot of movies and songs about time travel — looking back the past and seeing what it does with the present moment. Upon travelling the last time, with the rain pouring down and the music playing in the background from RNB to the Classic ones, I was in a trance of seeing the world backwards. Would there be a lot of changes if I smiled to the stranger that I met  one sunny day?  Could it alter  my whole life if I chose another course? Would it be a lot better if I stayed quiet and should’ve  kept my thoughts?

There are millions of “what if’s” hanging out there  but the only way to ask is, “Did I have any regrets?”

It says that  in any way, we are defined by what we’ve been through. Rest assured, we are in charge with what we did yesterday, what we do today and what we will do  tomorrow.  We have our  fair share of  guilt and insecurities that may hold us back from what we are facing right now and there’s no such expertise training on how to be resistant with these inevitable emotions. We cannot be an apprentice on a  Deaden The Pain University and achieve a PhD after.  Albeit, we just have to live for the moment. So weep, laugh hard, feel glad, be hopeful — it’s all ours to experience and believe that it will take us  to a better  place of serendipity  and explicitness and have faith that we are designed to fly with our dreams.

Daily Prompt Expert || Obvious

Photo:  Audra Wrisley Photography


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