In Character

From afar , I know it’s you. That lanky structure — with your hands overlapping mine long years ago.I know it’s you. From the rear view as you sat adjacent, I can figure out how you blink after three seconds as your lengthy eyelashes land on your eyelids in slow-mo. Your hand brushes your hair – a sign of boredom I swiftly recognize after our first meet. Your one leg raising, crossing it to the other, a habit you can never learn to let go. So I wonder if you still have the pillow I gave you, as you told me, ” I will hug this every time I miss you” ..  I barely recall when did I started to get allured by just seeing your normal ways. I can’t even imagine where in the world did I get the idea that by just merely looking at your resemblance can make me feel a sort of slice of heaven.

I know it’s you sitting there, not minding who in the earth will give you this kind of attention. You have that guts and principles that made other girls sing your name on their dreams. We just laugh at that before.  Then your lips  slightly separated from each other, and your cheeks lifted a bit. You show off those white teeth with your eyes glowing with compassion. The sweetest smile I ever lay my heart upon. And when I followed where you are looking at.. I know that smile is not at all intended for me..

I signalled towards the camera man and shouted loudly  “15 minutes break!” and I was back on my stiff aura.  A girl handed you the towel and I grasp my heart for witnessing the most aching scene I’m trying to be used to. Yes I am the director here, yet behind the scene, I am in character and I am starting to draw my life  optical illusions.

Entry for : Vision in Creative Writing 😉

Featured Photo by Favim



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