Carpe Diem


Years ago, every time the calendar jumps at the eight month, a hint of excitement is expected to bounce off the walls.  It’s a childlike trait that I wholeheartedly welcomed  because I am happy of doing so. But as I  stepped into being an adult and realized that birthdays are not always the kind of day that we fancy with, I became casual at celebrating it and stick to making it as a simple day. That cakes and balloons doesn’t necessarily matter, that as long as my loved ones are within my reach, healthy and still having a whale of a time — it is more than an enough reason to thank God for adding up a year in my life with them.

In all honesty, I am not really used to being at the center of the crowd or the apple of the eye. Maybe that is why I am not fond with throwing up a party for celebration during my birthdays (including financial reasons.. haha). But the least of what I expected happened when I found a treasured friendship with the people I labeled as my “Forever Squad”. Within the circle, it is a ritual that everyone turns out into a mission of  “How-to-surprise-the-Birthday-Girl- Operation”. For the long years that we’ve been together, we almost run out of gimmicks and tricks (we often had epic fail jobs that we used to laugh with 😀 ) on how  to make it an extra special day for our friend. 😉

So.. this time, I am grateful to reveal how they made it  a successful Birthday Treat to me as  I proudly told them my heartfelt “Thank You!” ❤

  • My officemate and one of the member of the squad, Ellen, handed me the “Gray Book” – a compilation of my write-ups early in the morning.
  • I had lunch with my Mama and my younger siblings, getting bonded with snapchat 🙂
  • Everyone in the squad flooded me with greetings and special messages at my FB wall.
  • I was just shocked and surprised and literally yelling (haha) that my co-blogger here at WP (Miss Regina Starr) who inspired me in blogging tagged me on her fansign slash greetings (as requested by the squad) So sweet of them! ❤
  • They gave me a customized greeting book with all the messages from our friends and churchmates written on it.
  • At night, they prepared the balloons and everything for our sing-along theme . 😀

Until then, I am fully thankful for everyone who dropped their greetings through social media, texts and calls. Thanks to God for everything and for another year to serve Him! ❤


~ Lang Leav

Featured Photo: Tumblr



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