She lays in bed for hours when she’s supposed to be somewhere in this world striving hard for survival.

Cuddled with her pillow, tucked in through her blanket, hugging her teddy bear, there could be no more right feeling than to procrastinate alone.

Peeking, and staring, blankly at the ceiling – wanting something to fill in the void.

With her bare foot she danced towards her window , splitting the curtains in two, counting the cup of coffee emptied in the corner.

She stride to reach out her closet, pulling in and out her emotions. And words were screaming loud in silence hanging there in random colours. As vague as her dresses and trousers imprisoned at one place, something deep inside her wanted to be freed.

She shrugged off her shoulder, couldn’t find out what to think and pick. When all the options were laid down , it’s just so difficult to immediately speak.

She lays in bed for another hour and heard a knock before the 61st minute tick, without a second thought, she named in her mind her woeful  guest today, “Indecision”.


Photo from here.


For the Daily Prompt: Guest



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