Faith in Action

I am nobody in this world. I am a typical girl you might see pushing carts, doing household chores, passing through a busy street and living a life in a norm. 

And just like the other people, I make friends. But I have three to name with which I consider the closest in my heart.  I often meet with them one at a time. But when I have them together, I am in my happiest..

I  met Hope through my pipe dreams. We get bonded on stitching all my desires and wishes. Marking  the calendar of tentative plans of travels and trips, for jobs I fancy with  and all sorts of my  ideals and aspirations. I am in my most optimistic side whenever I’m with her.

I met Faith in my deepest hope. When the expectation is high and the present seems perplexing, she is my utmost comforter and confidant. Faith keeps me strong beyond what I thought I can be. I am in my bravest when I’m with her.

I met Love through fervent faith. She taught me a lot about sacrifice and compassion. We spend most of the time smiling and laughing and even crying together. We often ponder the ironies of life.   I am truest when I’m with her.

I found them in the midst of this indefinite place and I take it as a gift from a Generous Hand.

But when Hope was down and Love was broken, only Faith stood behind me and cheered me up saying “You can be somebody.”

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”

~Hebrews 11:1

Response for WQWC


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