Self Exploit

Up from the strangest dimension
Awaken soul with a prime mission
Not him, not her, to render
So stop pointing fingers

Pack up and get ready
Bring the weapons — courage and hope
Gear up and be steadfast
Challenges come in a loop

Little adventures been waiting
Before you turn off your daylight
Lessons are never ending
Risk for what you know is right

We face adventures that goes on with our daily bases.  No one could predict what will it be nor no one else could judge you on how you conquer those challenges. They are genuine and hanging by a thread and only those who are experiencing it will be the one responsible to deal it the best way they can.  We can’t measure nor define somebody’s pain and struggles by any metric system so it won’t help playing “Mr. or. Ms. Know-It-All. Agree?  🙂

May we all be real-time bravest Adventurers! ❤

For my first entry on : Writers Qoute Wednesday Challenge



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