Twists and Turns

Things in life may happen as a bolt out of the blue — unexpected events that may crash your daily routine, turn your mind set caught unawares, or simply cause  you to struck dumb.  Good news is, not all twists and turns  are for you to be just frighten and shaken in sudden without any reason, for sometimes, things happen in surprise as a blessing in disguise.  *quick sigh*

These past few days were decisive yet unsteady  for me. I believe how ” balance” in every aspect is one of the basic technique in dealing with every situation we encounter.  However, Remez Sasson, a motivational author pointed out 10 tips about dealing with those unforeseen. To summarize it, those were:

  • To realize that life is dynamic and NOT static so we have to learn to expect and accept changes.
  • Positive attitude over negative events.
  • Create plans, alternate plans and more plans to adjust easily and jump over options if and when revisions take into place.
  • Keep calm and think things over.
  • Don’t panic and take it constructively.
  • Introduce small changes into your life.
  • Always focus on the present moment.
  • Control emotional detachment.
  • Build a solid foundation of inner strength.
  • Learn and practice meditation.

We never knew how things will turn out in the next hours and days of our lives. We may guess some nearest possibilities about certain things but it is only by that actual time we’ll get to know the answers.

  • “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”, quoted by Winston Churchill which proves that  famous  people like Bill Gates , Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison etc.  learned and succeeded in the battle of changes and ironies in life by not giving up. Though, success for me comes in many distinct forms (depends on what you consider on yourself a success), what is significant is believing that you have reached your peak of happiness and you already pulled your socks up for it.giphy.gif
  • In my deliberation, to focus what is on hand and to remain vigilant and resilient (come what may) are pointers to stick with.  And with this hazy world, still  FAITH  is the best  antidote for skepticism.

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