Diwata Cave – Resort

We leave footprints in places that only memories  in photographs can keep them alive. We come back to them pointing out one by one the differences like meeting a friend after decades with her hair grown longer , stature  transformed and savoring her sweet smile. Yes,  it’s good to be back in  Punta Diwata!

This humble Cave Resort dwelling  in Brgy. Vinapor Carmen Agusan Del Norte is 48kms from the city proper of Butuan. The awe-inspiring cave contains 43 caverns that have a spectacular view of the sea and nearby Camiguin Island.  I was there about four years ago (last December 12, 2012) and the changes were now  visible. Cottages were added. Grasses were  cut. Fences were painted from black to blue. And the new name board was placed.

changes from black to blue.jpg

Before and After 


Refreshing View

c Riichelle.jpg

Punta Diwata Cave Wonder – name board  -( Photo courtesy -RichelleH)

c riche.jpg

The long blue palisade  -@RichelleH.

c google

From the cave view

But still, on the set of changes, there are things that we would wish to stay. I still prefer that they did not replace this  Patio Chair  made of rock which is a good spot for people who would love sitting pretty while wandering their eyes on the sea from the top view, plus the windy atmosphere will really add up to the drama.

And this garden on the end part of the resort is one of the assets. I saw that the area was turned out  into a cottage now. Maybe the demand of new cottages is really needed.

Nevertheless, adventures could be along the way!

credit to Ella 1.jpg

Boating – @EllaPinx

c ell

Soaking – @EllaPinx

c r.jpg

Swing the sorrows away – @RichelleH

Developments are everywhere, but the same sunset kisses the horizon, the same salty, cold water washes away the infuriation from the scorching heat of May, the same rocks lifted its whole foundation,and the same cave sheltered the Chiroptera mammals, but the best among the constant things in Diwata is that the entrance fee remained 15.oo pesos! Yeeey! 🙂


Sunset  Delight ♥

Everyone deserves to unwind and relax a bit. Here’s to promote the enchantment cove resort of the Agusanons!


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