A Story To Tell

It’s been so long
That I dreamed of him
Neglecting the food I gave
Rejecting my smile and wave

It’s been awhile
That whenever I pass by
Eagerly want to know his name
Seeking answers with the queues in my brain

Why is he alone?
Aged — surviving life on his own?
Was he that sad?
Yearning for the love  of his offspring full grown?

Yes, that old man
Sheltered under that lengthy bridge
Lying with his cats
Single-handed on  rainy eves

Yes, that old brave man
With his eyes teary and tired
Maybe once a husband and a father
Surely once an upbeat child

Yes, that old, brave, epic man
Hiding a warrior after his wrinkled skin
Finding solace with those dumped kittens
At peace with his serene lonesomeness

It’s been so long
That I aimed to know
And told myself
That it’s a candle to blow

It’s been a while
When that curiosity died
And in me subsided
Leaving behind
Nothing but —


3 thoughts on “A Story To Tell

    • Louiesse says:

      I agree with that Sir! Humility really counts. This is a true story that whenever I remember. it makes me long to help fellow people, esp. the elderly…

      Liked by 1 person

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