Happy Heart ♥

We’ve been wishing happiness to be felt by the all the people we love. It is a sensation that travels visibly from home to our workplace or in school; elsewhere, it resides in every heart that felt  pure joy and contentment. Happiness is as high as a peak of a mountain and as shallow as a river that never runs dry. It is an emotion so extensive, deep and vast, yet we may find it in one hello and one smile.  🙂

As time goes by, the ways to become happy is a multitude. Out of the myriad, all I can enumerate is five- which starts with the letters  H-E-A-R-T.

1. HealForgive, Forget and Learn

Who amongst us has never been bruised and beaten with pain for once in our lives? We all have wounds deep within that may cut straight to our hearts which sometimes make us weak and vulnerable. Those wounds are barriers for our genuine happiness. As what the saying goes like this, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” There’s no use of holding grudges, we may end up hurting our self more.  Instead, get a good grasp of forgiveness, bring with us all the learning as we  forget their offense and move on .



2.Exert EffortSpend Quality Time with Loved Ones

Relationship is fragile nowadays. Bonding makes it tighter and stronger. We need not to spend a lot of money to do it. We only need to adjust our schedules a bit and have some recreational activities with our family and  circle of friends (separately or together – it’s all up to you! 🙂 ) Click here for  50 Cheap , Creative Ways To Have Fun!


3.Acceptance Develop Capabilities and Be Aware of Limitations

Allow yourself to create happiness by pointing out your strengths and weaknesses- treating the two as wonderful blessings. Let your strength mold your passion and appreciate your God-given talents. Meanwhile, take your weaknesses an opportunity to either brave on your fears or remind you about your limits to avoid regrets ( so just be responsible with your choices) 😉 Remember that acceptance is different from tolerance. Carpe Diem!



A line of Frank Sinatra’s Song

4.Relish the Good Times 

Live for the moment! Don’t waste your energy on looking back lonesome and struggling memories. Healthy mind keeps us inspired and lively. Exercise it by counting our blessing, savoring the mirth and laughter with our friends and showing our family how much we love them even in a little way possible.  Don’t greed that beautiful smile to a stranger and dream big! 😀



5.Thank God Always 

If we put HIM the center of everything – in every decision, every action, every word and every thought, we will realize that  everything happens for a reason. Thanking God is the best way to maintain a happy life and will lead you to sojourn at ease in this world.  God is always there for us. He is a prayer away.




Happy Heart ♥

Guard our hearts.    🙂


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