It’s been awhile since I posted something here. Yes life is not always that sunny neither the skies will  always have  a starry night. I may reside in a tropical country  where spring, winter and autumn do not exist, yet we are bound to feel these seasons throughout our lives and the challenge to get through with each phase and making the most out of it is somehow  irrefutable.

Summer days became visible as the rays of the sun peeked through my window. I guess it’s the climate change I should  blame upon seeing things unpredictably now. It was once a rainy day and the tears in my eyes began to snow. But today brought me the warmth of the light as I look above the clouds hanged up with the vibrant curve of a rainbow. It was a lonely evening though, I then recalled, with my jacket on and a coffee to accompany me – too lazy to pick my pen and paper as I stare at the ceiling blankly.Those days are over.”  I sometimes sighed with these words to remind myself in forgetting the feeling of being affronted like you are not welcome in this world anymore. It was the coldest winter so far  and it turned my heart numbed and weakened.  Well life is anything but a gift and so the courage and hope in me began to sprout in a one sanguine spring. It blossomed and flourished deep within my soul; constantly rooted with faith. GOD’s unfailing love is irrevocable and His ways at times we cannot fathom. But His kindness took me back on this wonderful summer and I did not regret experiencing  the  seasons  that passed – the seasons that changed my perspectives, the seasons that made me better, better than the old me.

So hold on Dear, the Autumn is yet to come.  😉



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