She was having her leisure walk five in the afternoon, on her way home. One tap on her shoulder brought her back to her senses and then she saw that smile, that curve that draws  perfectly into someone’s face whose familiar to her.  Though confused and surprised, she let him walked with her and they talked like they were acquaintance meeting again after so many years; like they’ve known each other for so long.

Then he suddenly held her hand.

She held them tight.

Minutes passed by.

The lady paused for a while and promptly let go of her hold to his hand.

“May I know you?” She asked with great  innocence and bewilderment.

He then replied,“I am your neighbor and I am just walking you home.”

And it was like that the rest of his life; sleeping next door to his half, to the woman who owns his memories and his  love.

He always handle such dementia in reverse.

An Entry to :Sentimental


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