I knew someone who is fond of acronyms. Where every letter for her stands for something aside from the word it really bears. She named her pet JOY for Jumping – Over the – Years and she puts a tag for her stuff toy and labeled it SCAR for Someone-Cares-At-Range.

She believes that everything exists with anything behind or else – beyond. That a thing has another of it more than just what it is. She then explained and shared what’s on her mind to me and I was like a student, staring towards a lecturer, allured by how her hands flicked with her every thought.

She once showed me a book entitled “Hope” and then she handed me a note after. I was about to blunt that I am not up to a game of beating around the bush. She just ran away after that. Sometimes, she has that kind of childish acts.

On the next day, I met her down the hallway and I smiled at her. Anyway, she wore a white shirt tinted on it the word SMILE. I bet she has her own set of words for it. She smiled back – a sunny smile, and continued to go on walking. Her upbeat aura is something I admire on her.

As I was riding a vehicle on my way home, the song of Mandy Moore – Hope played. It reminded me of the note she gave to me the last day. So, I opened my bag to get the small paper I slipped into my notebook. Then I read in silence what she wrote in it:

  – H O P E –  H eard – O ffhand thru – P rinted – E lements

 I paused for awhile and smirked a bit.

Maybe I forgot to tell you, that she was born mute and deaf.

Writer’s Note: Do you love acronyms too? Or do you have your own  meaning of the word  H-O-P-E ? Are you also fond of creating it? What are your thoughts about our beloved mute and deaf people?  It’ll be great if you share about it!  🙂

Featured Photo credited to Google Images.


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