It was a sullen night lit with the stars when you decided to take it off. You were sitting with your headset on your ears and your heart was in the every lyric of the song that was repeating. The top song in your playlist – the one you used to sing with her.
You’ve wished that every moment with her could be just repetitive; her smile, her sweet voice, and the way she teases you whenever you sing out of tune. Everything was a slow-mo..

She’s   l e a v i n g . You whispered those words with the cold breeze.

Those two words echoed, blurring all the courage left — more than how it was like without your eyeglasses.

And I was there.

I saw how you shed tears like a kid who loses a game in school and how you consequently managed to wipe it with your hands, drying it all up, and then you stood firm in the dark  as if no trace of pain left.  You were like that all this time– brave.

Then I walked away silently seeing you feeling better, because I know that even you wear your eyeglasses — you will never see me.

Photo credited to WeHeartIt.

Writer’s Note:  I wrote this  years ago and will post some of my retrieved write-ups  here soooooon! And I’d be grateful if you’ll lend some time to rate my works.  😉  Happy blogging and reading fellas! 😉 Lez keep on Marching forward!


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