The Bed Side Table Book

“One you will pick upon some windy, restless night and it will sing you to sleep”  ~  Lang Leav

After reading nth times her spell-binding words in Lullabies, I couldn’t help but sing those sweet lexis even in my dreams. ❤


Lang Leav (read as Lang Lee-yav) — an international exhibiting artist , a best-selling author, the Love Poet (as her readers fondly call her), the blogger behind The Girl Who Cries Wolf, and Michael’s girl was the one who puts together the words in Lullabies – her second book , a follow – up of Love and Misadventure.

She was born in a refugee camp in Thailand . She pursued studying College of Fine Arts and according to an interview she said, “I realises for the first time that a career in the creative industry was something I could actively pursue”.

When asked by wordsnquote  of what is her favorite quote, she cited one of  Lemony Snicket’s , “If you have ever lost someone very important to you, then you already know how it feels; and if you haven’t, you cannot possibly imagine it.”

She was labelled as a Multidisciplinary Artist by an article at StatedMag.


I know I’m a bit late in doing this Book Review, but it never disheartened me to recall the feeling brought by her works that made me consider like I was talking to her face to face.

She paints on letters and writes with her drawings the emotions and stances that every girl (or every person) has to convey like ” incantations that are as old as time.”  . Lullabies will take you to places before you indulge in slumber to the bittersweet happenings on the past, takes you to the ruminations of the present and will make you hope for a dreamy day of love ahead. I so much admire the fact that she can make simple words arrive into wonderful meanings and feelings like it was designed to hop in different sentiments. Her titles in nouns and pronouns, the flamboyance of her analogies and her prose will make you pause for awhile and fit into the pen of its writer like you are the one ascribing each syllable, entwining the rhymes all along. Lullabies is a stranger at the intro, a friend at the interlude and as you read the  finale, she became your ideal confidant that you would be keen on having some night talks.


It somehow whispers the words “I feel you.”  As one  of  her reader  says  that her pieces are very much relatable.

More direct reactions from readers and netizens at her Facebook Page  😉  –>  Lang Leav 

Well, here  are my Top Fifteen (in random) of the Poems in Lullabies ( Because I can’t just pick five or ten ) 😀

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‘Remember, while the words on these pages remain static, this book—like all other books—is a living and breathing thing.’

Photos from Google Images  and  wordsnq.


4 thoughts on “The Bed Side Table Book

  1. Hello Louiesse! Nice post and thanks for linking it to my review! I haven’t read her Lullabies book though. But with your post, I’m thinking of getting a copy! Or better yet, we could exchange copies of her books, borrow-trade! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s my pleasure to link here your wonderful review of Love and Misadventures! Thanks so much for those kind words! 🙂 Though, I’d love to read LAM too, I’m afraid I can’t do some borrow-trade– 😦 I just read Lullabies in pdf through ub reader. hihi But I will send it to you through e-mail. Is that okay? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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