Be You

You can freely smile and then go mad
Unfrightened of losing heart
A crazy and annoying squad
Making you laugh at the saddest part

You can be a cry baby or a serious geek
Throwing tantrums or indulge in silence deep
Snap ideas like a movie freak
Every side of you is a genuine gift

You can say “no” to the things you don’t want
And yell a big “yes” for getting things done
Say what you mean when you’re about to rant
But expect us to be there and understand

You can be you, with your edges and flaws
You can be you, with your dreams and views
You can be you, with your hope in Him above
You can be you, with God’s constant love ❤

Happy 02-16-2016 Everyone!

This is a dedicated poem for one of my closest friend! :*


Featured Photos/Images used credited to WeHeartIt.


2 thoughts on “Be You

    • Louiesse says:

      Maybe we cannot fathom God’s ways sometimes, but having faith that His will is for our own good is such a great thing to hold on to. Yet, giving us friends that we can count on is considered a bonus from Him! Have a great day @Imran Ali! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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