Why Eleventh?


  1. Write a song and dare to croon
  2. With someone on a mountain top
  3. Be sporty and dorky; laugh on the heights
  4. Beachin’ with my siblings on the sea of Dubai
  5. Make my mom proud and smile
  6. Enjoy having a green thumb, once in a while
  7. Reunite with my childhood friends
  8. Create a bonfire;  overnight on the shore
  9. Be a speaker on a set of aspirants
  10. Meet the poet I adore
  11. Give a break to an exhausting week
  12. Be a photograph geek
  13. Relocate the first to tenth of this bucket list
  14. And make the eleventh a habit


– Everything in our list could be sorted from time to time as we change baskets of priorities but this will really be of great help in reinforcing our bouyant for our exciting voyage. Nothing costs to plan it, only a heart and mind willing to live to the fullest this gift of life.

Have a great bucket list! Check this out for some stimulating ideas. Kick It off and Sail on! 😉


Featured Image is from here.



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