Day 17 of 366

January 17,Sunday- it was  the First Special Gathering of the Church Officers for this year  and after that was also the First Monthly Meeting of the Youth in our Locale. I consider it as a productive day for it was spent learning significant things both in spiritual and secular matters.

Our topic was about TIME MANAGEMENT which was discussed by a simultaneous active Church officer, Company Manager, husband and a father of three.

So here’s the summary of the summarized colloquium (as he pointed out to us how he managed to compress this supposed to be a three-day seminar topic):


  1. TIME
  • the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future
  • a free resources of human that has no definite responding result
  • the process of dealing with or controlling  things or people.

TIME MANAGEMENT’S  GOAL is to make use of time Efficiently and Effectively.

So he cited these FOUR MATRIX / QUADRANTS of TIME by Stephen Covey

  1. Necessity Quadrant

This quadrant is the  Important and Urgent Quadrant.  It refers to the things that we have to fulfill in the shortest and most valuable period of time. The afformentioned is talking about the  Deadlines if you are on the “ASAP” tasks, Assignments for students ,Emergencies. etc. Things that you have to do immediately like I was thinking that time about my rice cooker whistling for that “I am ready to be served!” sign. 😀

  1. Quality and Personal Leadership Quadrant

The  Important but not Urgent Quadrant plays the very critic role in our lives.Sir Stephen emphasizes here Prevention, Capability Improvement, Relationship Building, Recognising New Opportunities and Planning. We were asked to imagine the next five or ten years and it is by this quadrant we were challenged to achieve those things.

These are the probable good results of the Quadrant 2:

◘ Vision, perspective
◘ Balance
◘ Discipline
◘ Control
◘ Few crises

  1. Deception Quadrant

So here comes the Not Important but Urgent Quadrant which is the synonym of Interruptions. A scenario like you are doing a job then there’s this uninvited visitor who will convince you to go out and says “Hey,don’t take things too seriously. Lez go out and have some fun!”   Tempting, isn’t it?  Well here’s a tip from me. Try to put a wall reminder “FIRST THINGS FIRST” in your wall, or at your office table, or make it a wallpaper on your phone. Haha! Kiddding aside, this is for us to ring a bell of being a Time-Wise. We have to take a deep breath and master the art of refusing, just in case. 🙂

  1. Waste Quadrant

How’s the title of this fourth quadrant huh? Obviously, it is the least ideal quadrant but honestly, it is the top of our common choice — the things  Not Important and Not Urgent.  Someone may argue, “Time is a free resource, so I can use my time with the things I WANT to do.”  Yeah, you’re right. Absolutely. But the things we NEED to do has the biggest impact in stepping up for our dreams. It is not bad for us to atleast practice minimizing those unnecessary activities like digging out about trivia and minding others’ businesses or even answering an anonymous call (I really laughed at the latter).  😉

  • So we can now reflect which quadrant our routine/activities mostly fit in. Remember, there is always a room for changes!  😀


“Iwasang gawin ang mga bagay na walang kinalaman sa pag-abot ng iyong mga pangarap.”
“Get rid of the activities that don’t have an impact on reaching your dreams.”

time wise

“Kung tumatakbo ang oras, ‘wag kang maglakad lang, takbuhin mo din!”
“If time’s running, then don’t just walk, but run as fast as you can!”


And to sum it all, here’s a resounding verse from the book of Ecclesiastes:


Images form Google Images and weheartit


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