An Open Letter To Ira

Dearest Ira Levinson,

It was a peculiar night of October between two strangers in the most perfect place of acquaintance. Their eyes first met and it was like an impinge of two comets, crashed, and thus creating a wondrous spark. And right then at that moment, a queer feeling was trying to impose in their hearts…unusual; unfamiliar; odd; extraordinary. And finally, it invaded her. Every time they’re together, her wholeness becomes so torpid, not noticing that in his simple tap at her back, her heart beats faster. That in his jokes, she frantically laughs. Their bosh conversations seem like a pleasing thing for her to remember. He simply diverts her bad mood into good. His eyes simply magnetize hers. And she can’t help but smile in his presence. The way he treats her melts her heart away. His incense gives the caress and comfort that she needs. And her somber days appear to be unleashed. Without saying a word, he can brighten up her gloomy moments. And when he’s out of her sight, she misses his contentious thoughts, their debates and the way he teases her. She just wanna seize the moments with him and hold on to his promises.Promises that he uttered on those days that they were together. But she knows that only time can prove if those promises are either treasured or just left behind. Though they both went through the rain shared in one umbrella that he’s holding, she preferred to run away from him and find her sunshine alone. But she hopes that someday, when she’ll return to that same place, he will still be there. Still holding the same umbrella. Still waiting for her.

I hope you know that same place where she left, Ira. And even without that same umbrella she’s talking about, I’m still dreaming seeing you there with your sunny smile. And I will never care if it isn’t an October.



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~ Just giving a twist to Ira’s beautiful handwritten love  letters to Ruth of Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride  from one of my retrieved post on my other blogspot Loraemoon which I cannot open and in forever deactivation. :/

-also a Response to the Daily Prompt


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