Quick Movie Review

Sometimes we sigh with the words “Nothing Lasts” or get mad with the turgidity of “Till we meet again”.

Instead of getting into the maladroit of life, relationships or simply the twists of events, we can jump into the rife of “Thanks! It made me a better one!!” and appreciate every ounce of joy in welcoming a new phase in our lives. We should comprehend the fact that things won’t  rotate on the same orbit but we will always carry with us the resounding learnings that will make Farewells and Good-byes as pleasant as a sincere Thank You. 

This may sound a bit too juvenile but I just wanna share some of the emphatic virtues on the three Tagalog Movies that I watched with friends during our rest days. 🙂






This  movie is all about the quest of love. Nadine Lustre as Becca fights for her real “happy ending” that went on as how she dealt her heartbreak with her first boyfriend NiKko (played by James Reid) which was a battle fought with the people around her. The imaginary characters of Iñigo Pascual as Ryan and Julia Baretto as Maria convicts Becca’s state of mind , “or should I say , the state of heart” – (a line of her cheerful bestie Jackie ). The line of Becca’s mom gave the essence of the story , “ Kung hindi pa happy, eh di hindi pa yon ending”.”

“If it’s not yet happy, then it’s not yet the ending.”

It underscores the high caliber of optimism and strong faith.





A young woman, whose beau is in a coma, falls in love with an achievement-oriented young man, leaving her torn between the man of her dreams, and the man who makes her dreams come true. The story evolved with the old soul  Silay Scooter Girl – Audrey (Liza Soberano) , her first love  and laid back haciendero – Tristan(Gerald Anderson) , and Ethan (Enrique Gil) – a driven young man from Manila.

My favorite line was said by Tristan’s boss  “To live your life honestly”. — It summed up the spirit of the movie.  Each of the main characters gone through a roller coaster of emotions but at the end, they chose to forgive and face the new chapter of their lives with a brave heart.





From the two phenomenal part of One More Chance, here it goes  the unexpected Sequel that boomed the theaters nationwide — A Second Chance.

Popoy and Basha lived in the hearts of the Filipino spectators and once again the team-up of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo gave justice to the realistic film about relationship and marriage.

“I want to stop wondering ‘what if,’ – I want to know ‘what is.‘” One of the hugot lines   that marked on its viewers. It is a movie about love, trust and loyalty that deeply rooted with the word commitment – not just with people but with God when they vowed of forever.



Reference and Photos: Google and Wikipidea




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