“There is always a first time in everything.”

 An hour after dusk on the last day of the third week of July was my first ever air travel schedule. I was with five companions (three males and two females excluding me) but the four of them has an earlier booked flight.

We sat on the blue chairs at the checked in area, waiting patiently for instructions. I noticed everyone on their phones and I wondered how many of us there were then first timers. 🙂  Until we heard a voice from nowhere that mentioned the two letters and four numbers of what was exactly on my friends’ tickets, informing them that the aircraft got some trouble and they were suggested to transfer to an airport station in Cagayan. So I was left with my younger church-friend.

“We will be boarding after 15 minutes .” I imagined an hour glass with very few sand gliding through the transparent container. And then I found myself falling in line with everyone who will fly with me that night.

I handed my ticket to the attendant assigned as she tore a part of it, returned a piece to me and told me to use the back door in entering the aircraft. I got 78-D as my seat number but I was then clueless about it ( I really laughed my heart out remembering it) though I already saw docks of rows with numbers in descending engraved in silver on the upper part. I stopped at the 78th row and automatically sat adjacent the window. Somewhere at the back of my mind I registered the silly thought of, “First come, first served” – not knowing that I would regret the next thing. 😀

A guy with his probing facial expression approached me, pointing at his ticket like he want to show it off on my face, claiming his seat number – It made me panicked a bit. (Grins) I thanked the woman in mid 30’s who seated beside me for helping me in releasing my seat belt as she reached around me as if I was a child and I just watched how her capable fingers worked with the shiny clasp. Then I took my destined seat in speed and still hoped for a wonderful flight experience.

After a tall well-groomed lady did the demo for safety’s sake, within minutes we were taxiing down the runway. At first, there’s a shivering feeling inside that reminded me of a Ferris wheel ride. I closed my eyes with the motion and felt better after a lift off. I was amused by the idea that for a moment, between the earth and skies, I was feeling weightless and detached.

I opened my eyes and tried to peek through the window and it just gave me a quiver as I glare upon the black canopy. I remembered myself as a kid watching the night sky allured by that object blinking in colors above which I often mistaken to be a UFO. (Haha!)

Then I decided to pick the pamphlets in the little pocket in front of my feet without really minding what I read there. I didn’t feel like falling asleep.

It was a smooth ride though. 😉

Minutes passed by, I stood up and tried to use the comfort room just to check the cabin crews at the end part. I was just curious about what they’ve been doing. I spotted them chitchatting with their food and drinks – they were composed and neat.

I walked back to my seat and saw everyone else enjoying the sound of silence.

Then the attendant announced that we will be landing in few minutes and all the passengers were instructed to put on the seatbelts tightly.

I managed to arch my neck and saw the terrible beauty from the window. As the plane twitched and slow-danced, my eyes were nailed upon the dark silhouette in lined with city lights like  gold ink spilled everywhere. There were crystal gems in lined on it — I recognized emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds through the breathtaking view from afar. I loved the thought that it seems like I was seeing the world through different eyes.

But I was awaken from my fascinations when I heard a clashing noise as  the wheels kissed the solid ground.

Touchdown Manila. 🙂



These photos  attached herein are the best imagery for my aero experience! ❤

Credits to Weheartit & Google Images including the Featured Image.



  • This is my only Photo after my travel back to my hometown with Ate Lyn – a passenger I met at NAIA Airport. 🙂 So, this was after my second time in a plane. Wew!

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