I woke up at dawn with those tiny pixies in little voices
The amusingly eccentric beauty caught me offguard as I took some glances
Trying to eavesdrop and trying to keep myself lurked
But they saw me at once and gladly they smirked

Comfort replaced my shivering appearance
They  pulled my hand and led me to a grand entrance
They were like descendants of Tinkerbell
Probably with magic wands like fairies of Aurora’s, I could tell

Behind the canopy were walls with dazzling roses carved in gold.
A hall with chairs and tables and goblets in silvers were mold
It was just like the palace where Cinderella left in a hurry
Or the realm of the Beast whom Belle loved unconditionally

It then bothered me how I looked  in bare foot with hair unkempt
This place in perfect whimsicalness I am really inept
Then the red shiny apples in the banquet hall gave me a notion
Were it all baneful as how Snow White bit one and get poisoned?

I sheepishly smile as how I interpreted all these bizzare
But I was confused when an old woman appeared from afar
She came close to me, her face was very familiar
“I am your fairy-god-mother. Dear, you can shine like a star.”


‘There’s always  little girl in every woman’s heart”  ~  Fated to Love You


A Response to the Daily Post: A Storybook Day


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