Her things were packed up and the journey was set. Waking up at dawn when the moon’s ready to take his rest from guarding the dark , sullen sky the whole night. “It’s better to leave home early than to wait for the sun’s rays to tell me to get up. My soft blanket and huggable pillow is not a good idea to blame for missing out a trip I always wanted to grab since then.” 

She’s at her seat near the window, kissed by the April cold breeze. At 3:00AM the engine started up and roared to life. She closed her eyes in deep silence and whispered words that gave her peacefulness from within.

She’s on her earphone with her  favorite songs playing in it as she witnessed half of the world greeted by the light of the sun. She decided to take it off after an hour or two and listened to the passengers around her, as if eavesdropping.

There were familiar faces of people from the past, casual acquaintances and strangers that were along with her. She then took a glance outside and engraved her eyes upon  seeing the changes showcased from time to time. Her allured notion was disturbed by a sudden bump followed by a sharp sound. “A repair must be done and it will take us a while!” ,it was announced.  She heard murmurs and consequently others were passing by to leave while some took over the emptied seat.

She was on a short trance before realizing that they were moving.

All she knew was that this trip will lead her to that someone whom she hadn’t known before, yet had known her for a very long time. The words he left were her adrenaline in making  up to him because he is true to his promises. She could afford to deal with the delays than losing her faith in holding his hands at the end of that road.

He said he will wait …  

She should be there..

At every distance and pace of time, she could feel every thud of her heartbeat. Every stops was a battle of patience, like falling in line in a slow -mo  department store, weighing every minute and second.

Sometimes the ride was smooth, letting her go back to a child enjoying the slides. And it also gets tough and rough causing lines in her forehead or having a welled eyes.

There’s a roller coaster of emotions that she wished a machine could be pulled down to intercept it and get her off out of it automatically..

But NO, the travel must go on no matter what..

Her last thoughts awakened her sailing mind as she found a calm sea behind those vague swaying tress.

Glaring at the person next to her, she sighed and smiled. She knew by then, she will not travel alone , not anymore .



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