That Girl Down the Road

She sleeps with her kitten and her nails are painted blue
She has eyes of a tiger and a voice singing do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do
She has her way of expressing through her poker face
She gazes and smiles with the brilliance of an ace

She writes down her music – what her heart conveys as a lullaby
She has hair that dangles up to her thigh – swaying with the wind as she walks by
She has shoulders like two cliffs adjacent, mastering the art of balance
Every curve and every edge is a masterpiece of an artist’s hand

She wears fedora on summer and raises her head in a rain shower
She doesn’t have a green thumb but she’s a floral lover
She tip-toed on shiny floors but muddles her feet on the muddy ground
She goes to the mall in tattered clothes and her pajama is her best gown

Her mirror can describe her goofy side more than her closest friend
Her pen knows how many drafts she had for a “Letter Not To Send”
Every word, every song is a story yet untold
She’s the girl I met down the road and her dreams now unfold

Sharing this to the Daily Prompt : Curve


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