It’s a merry go round to have brothers and sisters

No magnets can come together without living with positives and negatives.

A mortal enemy at home becomes a normal thing , but you will always be geared up to fight for them. You play tug-of-war whenever your parents brought you new things, yelling “This is mine! This is mine!”, but inside of you always wanted to give your kinfolk a birthday present in each year that passes by in his/her life.

You brainstorm on how to get them annoyed, planning a revenge for unaccomplished errands, but no day would end without asking them, “Have you eaten?”

It will be your favorite thing teasing them for a zero over ten score in quizzes, for crooning a song in broken voice, for being nagged by your mother but you are instantly ready to protect them from whoever dares to embarrass them publicly.

Because when you have siblings, you exist with ironies and no rules on earth can cut off the thread that binds you.

Do you have siblings too?


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