Hiatus at A.M.

 Weird. I must be snoring early on that morning. Well, I am not really a morning person. Grins I usually write at night , tweak over my pen and paper and enjoy being nocturnal. But I found this cliché on my drafts last month (and the time noted there was 5:0oAM?). Maybe because I was doing the opposite of what was first in the list:   🙂

1. Don’t overthink things.   Creating a plot and climax on  a reality-based situation won’t make it arrive on the “ending” that you would want.

Let things fall into place.

2.Look back on good memories. Start seeing the brighter side and take a peek of the big picture. Remember to Respond  than to React.

For sure, everything has a reason.

3. Admit mistakes and faults. It is easier to apologize when we learn to humble ourselves. Instill in mind that there will always be a room for forgiveness, and changes too.

We are human after all.

4. Everybody is accountable for their own choices.   Don’t blame it on yourself alone. It’s not wrong to worry but to pressure yourself is an another story. Be kind.

–At-least, to yourself.

5. You are not alone.   Don’t preoccupy yourself towards the problem/situation  to the point that you neglect other people who really cares for you. Try to open up and welcome new  perspectives and ideas.
At the end of the day,what matters is what you choose to decide.

6. You have one life to live with.    It’s your responsibility to make it a happy living. Reminisce how you strive to reach upon what you have today and tell yourself, “You worked hard for it, Self,  then you deserve to be happy.”

You don’t need to be perfect to belong to an imperfect world dear.

7.Pray.    Our capabilities are limited. We must entrust everything to God who created us. He will never let us down and everything will be alright.

It’s proven and tested.

This is for everyone who’s experiencing hard times and facing the inevitables. Just always keep the faith and be true to yourself.


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